101 reasons to buy handmade


At SoulQuest we are passionate about handcrafted products. In a world full of machine made products - we believe that given a choice, consumers world-over would love to have products that are hand made and respectful of the planet. Bringing joy and meaning into what would otherwise be yet another purchase.

Loved this list on PoppyTalks on 101 reasons to buy handmade
1. Help contribute to establishing a new economic model

2. w/ the exception of postage cost - contribute to decrease in fossil fuel erosion
(purchasing mass produced products generally come overseas - barging it all over, production costs etc, sweatshops, fair labour et al.)

3. This new wave of craftspeople are using recycled materials. this is CRUCIAL. there is too much stuff in the world already.

4. purchase from artisans/craftspeople who ENJOY creating their wares. the object holds that positive energy and it spreads.

5. support the artisan directly. the artisan needs more support for their vocation - more than most.

6. support local community. thus building.

7. buying from craftspeople is a conscious decision. people need to be more conscious of spending of where their hard-earned money is going, changing hands etc. this contributes to the bigger picture……

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